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About us

The concept is a gallery and bank of unique media, available for consultation or acquisition, in a 360 ° format or in a classic flat format.

The Obo360 platform has several objectives:

  • offer original 360 ° immersive points of view in photo or video,
  • promote unique works of art and photos,
  • submit original, exclusive and unique works to the digital art market,
  • offer original prints at affordable prices.

All published content is under the Obo360 license which makes it safe to use after acquisition.

Exemple création

The artists

We are curious, passionate and see the world in an original and creative way.

Adventures are the spice of our life, we want to share them with you from particular angles.

Nature, old stones, cities, sport, everything is a source of inspiration, exploration and sharing.

Let yourself be tempted, follow us and escape from your daily life!